Wilhelm Keilbach Prize

The Wilhelm Keilbach Prize is awarded annually for the best M.A. dissertation in Religious Studies. The Prize is named after the first professor of Religious Studies at the Faculty, Wilhelm Keilbach (1908–1982). The Prize is bestowed at the dies facultatis of the following year.




Hammer, Christoph. Geschichte und Gegenwart der Karma-Kagyü-Schule in Österreich [History and Present of the Karma Kagyu School in Austria] (supervisor: Lukas K. Pokorny)


Holder, Eva Elisabeth. The Role of Music in Church Services of the Freikirchen in Österreich, with Special Focus on the Congregations Located in Vienna (supervisor: Lukas K. Pokorny)


Yahyaie, Alice Yasmin. Operation Werewolf, Radical Traditionalism and Julius Evola's Doctrine Put into Practice, M.A. (supervisor: Lukas K. Pokorny)


Lenhart, Simon Adam. Existentialistischer Dhamma: Ñāṇavīra Theras (1920–1965) Notes on Dhamma und die Herausbildung des Existentialistischen Theravāda [Existentalist Dhamma: Ñāṇavīra Thera's (1920–1965) Notes on Dhamma and the Development of Existentialist Theravāda] (supervisor: Lukas K. Pokorny)


Thaler, Marleen. John Michell's Sacred Place Theory: Alternative Religion, Traditionalism, and the Notion of Glastonbury as New Jerusalem (supervisor: Karl Baier)


Kottas, Lisa. "Ghetto of the Mind": Religion als Widerstandsform in Hip Hop und Afrofuturismus am Beispiel von Jiba Molei Andersons Black Comic "The Horsemen" ["Ghetto of the Mind": Religion as Form of Resistance in Hip Hop and Afrofuturism as seen through Jiba Molei Anderson's Black Comic "The Horsemen"] (supervisor: Hans Gerald Hödl)