The Department of Religious Studies runs programmes and modules at all levels annually. The course offerings from B.A. to Ph.D. include introductory and specialised modules on a number of religious traditions, approaches, and theories. Currently, there are ca. 150 postgraduate students enrolled in the M.A. and Ph.D. programme of the department. The B.A. module (Erweiterungscurricula) of the department attract more than 500 students annually from various disciplines across the university.

Postgraduate students and Ph.D. researchers work on a diverse array of topics that correspond to the faculty's areas of supervision, ranging—among others—from aesthetics of religion, the comparative study of religious phenomena and traditions, ancient religions, and early Christianity, to East Asian religions, Yoga, theories of religion, and new religious movements.

The Department also runs its own mentoring programme to assist students for the duration of their studies. The mentoring program addressess the difficulties that the students could potentially face and offers the best possible advice, guidance, and support for a successful and fruitful academic study.

An M.A. in Religious Studies opens numerous avenues for a rewarding professional career. The graduates of the department have taken diverse career paths, from administrational work to journalism, while many continue with their research at the Ph.D. level.

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