Excursions by our Student Representatives

The Religious Studies Student Representatives organizes excursions to religious communities and places and events relevant to Religious Studies in Vienna several times a semester. Participation is open to all interested persons.

Here you can find a list of all excursions in religious studies since the summer semester 2016.

  • Summer semester 2024
    14.04.2024: "Consecration of Man" by the Christengemeinschaft
    08.03.2024: Pasta Mass of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Winter semester 2023/2024
    27.02.2024: Gira of the Terra Sagrada community
    04.12.2023: Guided tour in the Schottenstift
    07.11.2023: Guided tour in St. Stephen's Cathedral (together with StV Catholic Theology)    10.10.2023: Day of the open temple door of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society
  • Summer semester 2023:
    02.06.2023: Long Night of the Churches
    28.05.2023: Vesakh Festival of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society
    22.05.2023: Visit to the Norei Temple
    15.04.2023 - 16.04.2023: Orthodox Easter celebrations
    26.03.2023: Divine Service of the New Apostolic Church
  • Winter semester 2022/2023:
    25.01.2023: Guided tour of the Cem House of the Alevi religious community
    06.11.2022: Visit to the esoteric fair "Spirituality & Healing"
    23.10.2022: Open Mosque Day of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria
  • Summer semester 2022:
    16.05.2022: Guided tour in the City Temple (together with Dialog:Abraham)
    29.04.2022: Guided tour in the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    11.03.2022: Visit to the World Museum
  • Winter semester 2021/2022:
    28.01.2022: Walk through the religious first district
  • Winter semester 2016/2017:
    24.01.2017: Sufi spinning dance for women in the House of Peace, Center for Female Spirituality and Sufism
    15.01.2017: Shamanic women's sweat lodge
    08.12.2016 - 11.12.2016: Buddhist retreat
    27.11.2016: Visit to the Palpung Yeshe Chökhor Ling center, meeting with Chöje Lama Palmo
  • Summer semester 2016:
    27.06.2016: White Tārā practice at the Garchen Chöding Center
    12.06.2016: Japanese tea ceremony with Akiko Somei Fuhrmann in Setagaya Park
    29.05.2016: Vesakh festival at the Peace Pagoda on the Danube
    23.05.2016 and 30.05.2016: Introduction to Zen practice by Christoph Singer at Zendo Rosinagasse
    21.05.2016: Guided tour with Marina Myo Gong Jahn through the Buddhist cemetery in Vienna's Central Cemetery
    17.05.2016: Explanation of two suttas from the Pāli canon with Bhante Seelawanse at the Nyanaponika Dhamma Center
    28.04.2016: Lecture "What is Buddhism?" by Heinz Vettermann at Bodhidharma Zendo Vienna
    23.04.2016: Full moon pūjā with Bhante Seelawansa at the Buddhist Center Vienna
    19.04.2016: Metta meditation with Andrea Huber at the Buddhist Center Vienna
    12.04.2016: Vipassanā meditation with Christoph Köck at the Buddhist Center Vienna