Faculty Dissertation Prize

The Faculty Dissertation Prize is awarded annually for the three best doctoral theses approved at the Faculty of Catholic Theology. The Prize is bestowed at the dies facultatis of the following year.


Religious Studies Awardees


Magdalena Kraler. Yoga Breath: The Reinvention of Prāṇa and Prāṇāyāma in Early Modern Yoga (supervisor: Karl Baier)


Sarah-Allegra Schönberger. Vaiśravaṇa. Dämonischer Wächter und Herr der Reichtümer: Ikonographische Transformationen im Kulturtransfer zwischen Indien und dem sino-japanischen Raum [Vaiśravaṇa. Demonic Guardian and Lord of Wealth: Iconographical Transformations in the Cultural Transfer Between India and the Sino-Japanese Area] (supervisor: Karl Baier)



Sampsa Andrei Saarinen. The Death of God and the Moods of the Future: A Study of Friedrich Nietzsche's Criticism of Religion in the Light of his Communication of Mood (supervisor: Hans Gerald Hödl)


Angelika M. Rohrbacher. Die Dramatisierung des Kontaktes: Abgrenzungsrhetorik im Religionsnarrativ "Judentum" [The Dramatisation of Contact: The Rhetoric of Demarcation in the Religious Narrative of "Judaism"] (supervisor: Hans Gerald Hödl)