Scholars and research students working with written primary sources are well familiar with the problems of availability and accessibility of source materials. The Department of Religious Studies therefore maintains a repository of primary sources (Quellenbibliothek) in the original languages alongside available English and German translations pertaining to a wide range of religious groups and traditions. The collection to be accessed upon request in the Department’s premises is rapidly growing largely thanks to generous donations by individuals and organisations. The sources collected comprise books, magazines, periodicals, pamphlets, and audio-visual media. The Quellenbibliothek is divided by groups/traditions and carries the shelfmark QB. The focus of the collection is upon new and alternative religious currents, most of which are also to be encountered within Austria’s religious landscape in past and present. The individual sections of the Quellenbibliothek are listed below. Sections containing a considerable portion of primary sources are in bold.

Please consider: for access to the Quellenbibliothek, please make an appointment via christoph.hammer@univie.ac.at

1: Unification Movement ('Unification Church')
2: Sōka Gakkai 創価学会
3: Kōfuku no Kagaku 幸福の科学 ('Happy Science')
4: Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ ('Cao Đài')
5: Share International
6: New Thought
7: Rosicrucianism
8: Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien ('FIGU')
9: Freemasons
10: Naikan 内観
11: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ('Mormonism')
12: Jehovah’s Witnesses
13: Occultism
14: 'Sect'-Discourse in Austria
15: Scientology
16: Wŏn Buddhism 원불교
17: Eckankar
18: Bahá'í
19: Human Potential Movement and Transpersonal Psychology
20: Taesunjillihoe 대순진리회
21: New Age
22: Esotericism
23: Neo-Shamanism
24: Western Buddhism
25: Parapsychology
26: International Society for Krishna Consciousness ('ISKCON')
27: Prophetic Discourse
28: Near-Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and After-Death Communication
29: Mazdaznan
30: Satanism
31: Neo-Hinduism
32: Satsang Movement
33: Fǎlún Gōng 法轮功 ('Fǎlún Dàfǎ' 法轮大法)
34: Tenrikyō 天理教
35: Ch'ŏndogyo 천도교
36: Dahn World 단월드 ('Dahn Yoga' 단요가)
37: Minh Lý
38: Theosophy ('Theosophical Society')
39: Hanŏlgyo 한얼교
40: Fóguāngshān 佛光山 ('Fo Guang Shan')
41: Maŭm Suryŏn 마음수련 ('Maum Meditation')
42: Chŭngsando 증산도 ('Jeung San Do')
43: Risshō Kōseikai 立正佼成会
44: Wéixīn Shèngjiào 唯心聖教
45: Fójiào Cíjì Gōngdé Huì 佛教慈濟功德會 ('Tzu Chi')
46: Pranic Healing
47: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at  الجماعة الإسلامية الأحمدية
48: Sathya Sai Movement
49: Neopaganism
50: Hermann Keyserling, School of Wisdom ('Schule der Weisheit')
51: Lectorium Rosicrucianum ('Internationale School van het Gouden Rozenkruis')
52: Sekai Kyūseikyō 世界救世教 ('Church of World Messianity')
53: Yoga
54: Astrology
55: Yun Hwa Sangha
56: Kundalini, Chakras, Energy Work
57: Bhagwan (Osho) Movement
58: Anthroposophy
59: Nipponzan Myōhōji Daisanga 日本山妙法寺大僧伽
60: Psychedelic Movement
61: Magic
62: Kabbalah
63: Sexual Magic
64: (Neo-)Tantra
65: Right-wing Esotericism
66: Sri Chinmoy Movement
67: Universal White Brotherhood
68: Alchemy
69: Reiyūkai 霊友会
70: Angels
71: The Inayati Order ('Inayatiyya')
72: Senkōbō 専光坊 ('Senkobo Buddhism')
73: Wārudomeito ワールドメイト ('Worldmate')
74: Yīguàndào 一貫道
75: Spiritism/Spiritualism
76: Dance
77: Mesmerism, Hypnosis, and Suggestion
78: Seichō no Ie 生長の家
79: Esoteric Asiatica
80: Esoteric Africana
81: Esoteric Discourse on Sufism
82: Chino Shōhō 千乃正法
83: Lemuria Renaissance レムリア・ルネッサンス
84: Karlfried Graf Dürckheim
85: Anita Wolf
86: UFO Religiosity
87: Phật giáo Hòa Hảo (Hòa Hảo Buddhism)
88: Horpenits
89: Jakob Lorber/Bertha Dudde
90: Church Universal and Triumphant
91: "I AM" Activity
92: Kemetism
93: Templer Society ('Tempelgesellschaft')
94: Grail Movement ('Gralsbewegung')
95: GLA ジー・エル・エー
96: Fǎgǔshān 法鼓山 ('Dharma Drum Mountain')
101: Confucianism
102: Daoism
103: Pure Land Buddhism
104: East Asian Religious History
105: East Asian Buddhism
106: Germanic (Old Norse) Religions
107: Mesoamerican Religions
108: Buddhism in Austria
109: Hindu Religions