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News & Religious Studies in the Media

Please note that the Department’s Administrative Officer, Dagmar Hofko, is on sick leave for an indefinite time. Urgent queries may be sent to Agnes Leyrer.

  • The Department is grateful for having received a generous donation of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society, involving a full set of the Buddhist journal Ursache/Wirkung for the Quellenbibliothek.
  • Our graduates have followed interesting and engaging careers. You can find their stories here.
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New Publications

  • Human-Friedrich Unterrainer:
    1. et al., "The Relationship Between Existential Well-Being and Mood-Related Psychiatric Burden in Indian Young Adults with Attachment Deficits: A Cross Cultural Validation Study." In: BMC Psychology 8.21 (2020).
    2. et. al., "Facets of Shame are Differently Expressed in Dermatological Disease: A Prospective Observational Study." In: British Journal of Dermatology (2020).
  • Joseph Chadwin. "Overt and Covert Buddhism: The Two Faces of University-Based Buddhism in Beijing." In: Religions, 11.3 (2020): 1–18.