Bachelor's Degree


If you have already decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree at the Department of Religious Studies in Vienna, but are not yet sure how to apply, please read the following guidelines.

Information concerning the staff, curriculum (only available in German), areas of supervision, as well as the course catalogue (publication for winter term: 1st of July; for summer term: 15th of January) is provided by clicking on the respective item. If you have further questions, please contact the Studies Service Center (SSC) of the Faculty of Catholic Theology ( We ask you to try to address possible questions by checking the information provided on our homepage prior to contacting us.

1.1 Premises

To be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in Religious Education (Emphasis: Religious Studies) students must have a secondary-school graduation certificate. If your citizenship is Austrian or German, and/or your secondary-school graduation certificate was issued in a country other than Austria or Germany, please follow the instruction given under this link.

1.2 Admission

Here you can find the application and admission periods.

The admission procedure as well as the documents required depend on whether you have received your secondary-school graduation certificate at an Austrian / German educational institution or not. In addition, your citizenship plays a role.

Generally, the approval process consists of the following four steps:

  1. You submit an application for admission via u:space.
  2. You will receive a decision on your application for admission (normally this takes a few weeks, and it is recommended to calculate with longer waiting times in mind).
  3. You book an appointment via the appointment scheduling tool. The admission takes place online via Skype. Since your identity must be verified during admission, this step can only be performed by you and not by another person.
  4. Pay the tuition fees / students' union fees.

1.2.1 Ad 1: Application for admission via u:space

For prospective students with an external degree, follow this link.

The following applies for: prospective students with an Austrian or German secondary-school graduation certificate and Austrian or German citizenship.

You register via u:space and activate your u:account, which you will also need during your studies. In the course of the admission procedure, the Admissions Office will communicate with you exclusively via the e-mail address you provide during registration.

Have the following documents ready for upload:

For registration via u:space:

  • your passport or ID card (front and back!) as JPEG or PNG file.

For the application of admission:

  • all pages of your secondary-school graduation certificate in the original in one PDF file
  • proof of any additional or supplementary examinations, each in a separate PDF file.

The review process can take up to several weeks. We recommend:

  • Submit the application as early as possible.
  • Ensure the good readability and quality of the uploaded documents.
  • Upload the pdf files to u:space in the correct fields (e.g. school graduation certificate in original + accreditation + translation in the field "school leaving certificate," special university entrance qualification in original + translation in the field "special university entrance qualification," etc.)

Note: You must complete the admission process by making an appointment through the appointment scheduling tool. Admission is done online via Skype. Since your identity must be verified during the admission process, this step can only be completed by you and not by another person. You can find all information about this step at this link.

1.2.2 Ad 4: Payment of the tuition fees/students' union fee

You can pay the fees by using one of the following types of payment:

  • By eps online payment via u:space > Financial matters > Tuition fee/Students' Union fee;
  • By credit card (only Visa or Mastercard) via u:space > Financial matters > Tuition fee/Students' Union fee;
  • By online banking; you can find the required data at u:space > Financial matters > Tuition fee/Students' Union fee;
  • Via the payment form which you will get at a bank. You can find all required data and a template how to fill in the payment form at u:space > Personal Matters > My Documents > Payment request.

Once you have paid the tuition fees/students' union fee you are enrolled in the study programme.

1.3 What happens after the admission?

Once the balance at u:space > Financial Matters > tuition fees/students' union fee is zero, the fee has been paid. In case of online banking or payment via payment form this may take up to seven working days.

Then you can print your student documents via u:space > Personal Matters > My Documents (that is, the student record sheet/Studienblatt and the confirmation of enrollment/Studienbestätigung). Your student ID card (u:card) can be requested via u:space > Personal Matters > My u:card. The u:card is also your library card. It will be sent to you via mail to the provided mailing address (EU/EEA/Switzerland only). Please note that the printing and mailing process can take up to two weeks.

After the final step of the admission you can start planning your semester and registering for the courses (currently only available in German) within the specific registration periods.

Further hints are provided via the following links: