Departmental Coordinator
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Robert Wurzrainer is the Departmental Coordinator at the Department of Religious Studies. He holds an M.A. in Religious Studies (2015) from the University of Vienna, where he also completed the University Course in Ethics the same year. From December 2016 to September 2023, he worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Department of Systematic Theology and Religious Studies of the Faculty of Protestant Theology, University of Vienna. During that time he designed and implemented various projects in the field of “Application-Oriented Study of Religions”. In addition, since April 2018, he is working as an advisor for worldview issues at Kirche im Dialog (Church in Dialogue) of the Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Vienna. He is also part of the author team of the textbook series Vielfalt (er)leben (Living/Experiencing Diversity) for ethics education at secondary level II. His doctoral thesis in Religious Studies contributes to the field of Religious Studies education, in which he examines, among others, the question of the possibilities and conditions for introducing Religious Studies in ethics education in Austria, analyses them from a practice-oriented perspective, and – based on this – formulates proposals and recommendations.