Kommentierung von Friedrich Nietzsches Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft

The FWF project P 24635 covers an ongoing work on the Nachberichtsband (critical apparatus) of The Gay Science (Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft) for the fifth section of the critical edition of the works of Friedrich Nietzsche (KGW). Using the original manuscripts which are kept in the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar, the project will unveil the genesis of The Gay Science. The Nachberichtsband is supposed to elaborate on the book’s position within Nietzsche’s literary production and to elucidate its role within the history of philosophy. Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Gay Science (first print: 1882) is one of the greatest publications of Western thought. It contains, among other, critical reflections on truth, knowledge, morality, and religion; essentially, it is one of the key texts on the relationship between modernity and religion, and also includes inquiries into the fields of aesthetics and culture. Within the critical edition, all text volumes will be accompanied by a respective Nachberichtsband. In the present case, it will contain philological annotations, descriptions, and tables of contents of the manuscripts in question, a list of facsimiles, corrigenda on KGW V 2, Nietzsche’s sources, cross-references, and a chronicle of Nietzsche’s life. The Nachberichtsband will also exposit the literary genesis of The Gay Science. The research project includes all the necessary tasks involved in preparing and finishing the supplementary volume. These tasks involve a systematic compilation of Nietzsche’s sources. Hence, the project aims at delivering new insights pertaining to the author’s intellectual background.