Postdoctoral Researcher
(Austrian Academy of Sciences)





Astrid Mattes is a postdoctoral researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), interested in the intersections of religion and politics. Having spent her undergraduate years in Vienna and Limerick, she holds an M.A. in Religious Studies (magistra 2011) and Political Science (magistra philosophae 2011), both from the University of Vienna. After completing her studies, she collaborated on the project "Mapping Religions in Vienna," conducted at the University of Vienna's Department of Religious Studies. In 2012, she received a University of Vienna Research Scholarship for a project on integration processes in religious youth groups. As a doctoral researcher at the University of Vienna’s Department of Political Science, she completed her Ph.D. (doctor philosophae 2017) with a thesis on the role of religion in immigrant integration policies which received the ÖAW Dissertation Award in Migration Studies in 2016. Thereafter, she assumed a postdoctoral management position at the research platform "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society" (University of Vienna). Since 2018, she conducts research in the field of migration studies at the ÖAW Institute for Urban and Regional Studies. She is not only connected to the Department of Religious Studies through her days as a student and the first stages of her academic career, but also through numerous friendships and current collaborations. For further information, see