Marleen THALER

FWF Fellow (2019–2022)





Marleen Thaler is an FWF Fellow (2019-2022) at the Department of Religious Studies. She holds degrees in Social and Cultural Anthropology (B.A. 2013), Oriental Studies (B.A. 2017), and Religious Studies (M.A. 2019), all from the University of Vienna. In between 2017-2019 she was employed as study assistant and project staff member at the Department of Religious Studies. Her major research interests focus on alternative religious streams, with Western Esoteric Studies, Psychedelic Religion, Eco-Spirituality, and Religious Traditionalism representing her core topics. Currently she is engaged with her Ph.D. project, funded by FWF, addressing healing Kundalini Energies within Transpersonal Psychotherapy and the holistic milieu. Originally from Salzburg, Marleen lives in Vienna.