OeNB Professorial Fellow (2020–2022)







Ugo Dessì is OeNB Professorial Fellow (2020–2022) at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna, Adjunct Professor at the Department for the Study of Religion, Leipzig University, and Honorary Research Associate at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town (South Africa). He holds an M.A. in Philosophy (University of Cagliari) and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Marburg University). He earned his Habilitation in Religious Studies from Leipzig University in 2012. He has published widely on Shin Buddhism, including Ethics and Society in Contemporary Shin Buddhism (LIT 2007), and on the interplay of Japanese Religions with global dynamics, including Japanese Religions and Globalization (Routledge 2013) and The Global Repositioning of Japanese Religions: An Integrated Approach (Routledge 2017). His last book Religioni e globalizzazione. Un’introduzione (Carocci 2019) is a critical introduction to the comparative study of religion under globalization. While at the Department of Religious Studies he is involved in the research project The Globalization of East Asian Religions in Comparative Perspective.