FWF Fellow (2022–2025)

Room 012, 5th floor




Joseph Chadwin is an FWF Fellow (2022–2025) in Religious Studies. Previously, he was a Doctoral Assistant at the Department (2020–2022). He holds an M.A. (Hons) in History and Religious Studies (2015) from the University of Aberdeen, an M.St. in the Study of Religion (2016) from the University of Oxford, and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in Religious Studies (2018) from the University of Cambridge (funded by the British government). After undertaking a year of research in Beijing, he completed the Ph.D. programme in Religious Studies in 2024 with a thesis on “Long for One’s Ancestors, Miss One’s Home: An Ethnographic Study of Everyday Lived Chinese Popular Religion,” which has been supervised by Professor Lukas K. Pokorny. Particularly favouring ethnographic methodologies, his research interests include Chinese religion, childhood and adolescent religion, Buddhism, religious identity, and religion and education.