OeAD Fellow (2016–2017)






Júlia Gyimesi is a psychologist working on the history of psychology and modern spiritualism. She is the author of a monograph and several articles on the history and psychoanalytical context of spiritualism, psychical research, and early parapsychology in Hungary. While at the Department as an OEAD Fellow (2016–2017), she explores the Austro-Hungarian context of spiritualism and the history of psychoanalytically oriented psychical research. Dr. Gyimesi is an assistant professor at the Teacher Training Centre of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, and an external lecturer of the Theoretical Psychoanalysis Doctoral Programme at the University of Pécs (Hungary) and the John Wesley Theological College (Budapest). She holds an M.A. in Psychology (2004) from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, and a Ph.D. (2011) in Theoretical Psychoanalysis from the University of Pécs. She is the recipient of the Grant of the Psychological Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for Book Publishing (2011), the Hungarian State Eötvös Scholarship (2010) and two fellowships of the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna (2009, 2013). In 2010 she was a visiting Ph.D. student at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science of the University of Cambridge. She is the editor of the interdisciplinary psychoanalytical journal Imágó Budapest and the vice president of the Imágó Society.