Christopher Craig BRITTAIN

Visiting Scholar
University of Aberdeen







Christopher Craig Brittain is Professor of Social and Political Theology at the University of Aberdeen, U.K. He holds a B.A. in History (1992), a Master of Divinity (1996) and a Ph.D. in Theology (Theology and Social Theory 2002). He was previously Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Canada (2002–2006). In 2015–16 he was Visiting Professor of Theology at the University of Toronto (Trinity College & Regis College). Professor Brittain teaches Christian Ethics, Disaster Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Contemporary Christian Thought, Congregational Studies, Religion and Society, and Anglican Theology. His current research focuses on the transnational conflict in the global Anglican Communion, as well as on the critical reception of Søren Kierkegaard by Theodor W. Adorno. Professor Brittain is an ordained Anglican priest, currently serving in the Episcopal Church of Scotland. He lives in Aberdeen. While at the Department in the 2016 winter semester, Professor Brittain co-ordinates a course on ‘Religion at Ground Zero: Theological Responses to Times of Crisis.’