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  • A review of Nickolas Roubekas’ monograph has now appeared in the peer-reviewed journal ACTA CLASSICA.
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New Publications

  • Nickolas Roubekas' new article is now published: "How Did Religion Start?" In: Aaron Hughes and Russell T. McCutcheon, eds. Religion in 5 Minutes, Sheffield, UK and Bristol, CT: Equinox, 43–46.
  • Birgit Heller's new article "Beziehungen zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits – Vom Sozialcharakter des Todes in religiös-kulturellen Traditionen und in der Moderne [Relationships between This World and the Hereafter: On the Social Character of Death in Religio-cultural Traditions and Modernity]" is now published in Vol. 1 (2017): Sterben und Tod, eds. Marina Richter and Michael Nollert, 1–21.
  • Karl Baier's new article "NS-Mystik und militanter Zen. Die Geschichte einer Konvergenz am Beispiel Graf Dürckheims [National Socialist Mysticism and Militant Zen: The History of a Convergence Focussing on Count Dürckheim]" is now published in Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft 25/1 (2017): 90–132.