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News & Religious Studies in the Media

  • Karl Baier and Magdalena Kraler hold a workshop on "Yoga In-between Tradition and Modernity" on 19 November. Find more information here.
  • Congratulations to Patrick Heinzl on his recent graduation with an M.A. thesis (supervised by Wolfram Reiss) on The Criticism of Islamic Scholars vis-à-vis the Interpretation of Islam by the Islamic State.
  • Congratulations to Julia Preinerstorfer on her recent graduation with an M.A. thesis (supervised by Hans Gerald Hödl) on Show me the Money: The Origins of the American Prosperity Gospel and Its Significance Today.
  • Congratulations to Julia Kraus on her recent graduation with an M.A. thesis (supervised by Birgit Heller) on "Love, Healing, Meaning – Near-Death Experiences as a Modern Quest for Meaning and Evidence for a Life after Death": NDE as a Prime Example of Popular Religion.
  • Congratulations to Sampsa Andrei Saarinen on his recent graduation a doctoral dissertation (supervised by Hans Gerald Hödl) on The Death of God and the Moods of the Future: A Study of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Criticism of Religion in the Light of his Communication of Mood.
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New Publications

  • Johann Figl's new article is now published: "Re-Formation als Strukturprinzip der Religionsgeschichte [Re-formation as Structural Principle of the History of Religions]." Historisches Jahrbuch, 137: 7–23.
  • Birgit Heller's new article is now published: "Bedeutung religiös-kultureller Unterschiede in Palliative Care [The Meaning of Religious-Cultural Differences in Palliative Care]." In: Barbara Steffen-Bürgi et al. Hrsg., Lehrbuch Palliative Care. 3. vollst. überarb. Aufl. Bern, 510–517.
  • Lukas Pokorny's new article in now published: "The Unificationist Conversion Narrative: Current Perspectives on Past Experiences in the Austrian Unification Movement." In: Hans Gerald Hödl and Lukas Pokorny, eds. Religion in Austria, Volume 3, Vienna: Praesens, 2016, 215–260.
  • The third volume of Religion in Austria edited by Lukas Pokorny and Hans Gerald Hödl is now published.
  • Sara Kuehn's new article in now published: "Pilgrimage as Muslim Religious Commemoration: The Case of Ajvatovica in Bosnia-Herzegovina." In: Ingvild Flaskerud and R. J. Natvig, eds. Muslim Pilgrimage in Europe, New York: Routledge, 98–117.
  • Nickolas Roubekas' new article is now published: "How Did Religion Start?" In: Aaron Hughes and Russell T. McCutcheon, eds. Religion in 5 Minutes, Sheffield, UK and Bristol, CT: Equinox, 43–46.