I am passionate about my research field and my teaching philosophy aims into making students share that passion. Among my responsibilities is attempting to deliver clear, expository lectures, which present the material effectively. I try to approach the students by posing challenging questions that require their own reflection, since I do not adhere to the mere transferring of textbook knowledge. Thus, I always aim to provide comprehensive lecture notes, which are used as supplements to the main text, and when and if possible, to accompany my lectures with PowerPoint presentations. An integral part of teaching is the assistance and availability of the lecturer. To this end, students are encouraged to make full use of office hours, and are assured an attentive interaction, which motivates them to perform better and be more punctual and dedicated to their academic endeavors. I believe that a way to improve one’s teaching philosophy and approach is by actively seeking feedback from the students thus allowing for the enhancement of employed teaching approaches—or even changing them considerably if needed in order to achieve the best possible teaching experience for the students.

In the academic year 2022/23 my teaching responsibilities include:

VO 010044 Religions of Greek and Roman Antiquity
VO 010057 Becoming God: Deification from Antiquity to the Present
SE 010100 What is Religion?
VO 010085 Atheism

My past teaching comprises courses on the following subjects:

Religions in the Roman World
Social Anthropology of Religion
Religion in the Ancient Greek World
Atheism: Old and New
Ancient Religions
Indigenous Traditions
Abrahamic Religions
Asian Religions
Economic & Psychological Theories of Religion
Sociological & Anthropological Theories of Religion
Introduction to Sociology of Religion
Introduction to Anthropology of Religion
Critical Study and Theories of Religion
Myth and Comparativism
Introduction to Judaism
Introduction to the New Testament
Interreligious Dialogue: Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Early Christianity: The Church Fathers