I have international teaching experience at purely religious studies departments and at theological departments at various European universities, where I taught in both German and English. Fundamentally, the development of independent, critical thought is to me the highest good of a training in the humanities. Hence I view my main responsibility as a teacher in religious studies in enabling students to autonomously approach controversially debated subjects and to consistently try to further our knowledge about the transformation of "religion" in the age of globalization.

My past teaching comprises:

Lecture series "Introduction to Religious Studies"
Lecture series "History of Religion in South and East Asia"
From the Corona Demos to the Lebensreform: Religion, Health, and Politics in the Context of Alternative New Age Spirituality
Religion and Social Reform within the Global Exchanges between Christian Unitarians and Bengali Hindus in the Nineteenth Century
Religious Universalism in Nineteenth-Century Bengal
The Reception of Yoga as 'Occultism' and 'Esotericism' in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Esotericism and Far-Right Extremism
Esotericism between East and West
Western Esotericism since the 18th Century
Occultism between Religion and Politics
Alternative Religious Movements in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century
The Emergence of Modern Esotericism
Occultism in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century.
Tutorial "Scientific Writing"